Paneer paratha recipe

This is a very simple paneer paratha recipe of cottage cheese stuffed inside wheat dough seasoned with some spices and some onions and rolled out in a medium sized chapatti and roasted on a pan .

It can be had as a breakfast , snack or lunch and tastes better when served with curd or pickle . This paneer paratha recipe is the easiest version of making these parathas .

The paneer paratha recipe mentioned here does not require any precooking all you need to do is chopping and assembling the ingredients and then roasting the prepared and stuffed paratha dough .

I usually have it as is and love having hot ginger tea with it .


For the paneer paratha stuffing

  • Paneer (cottage cheese) – 1cup
  • Onion diced into small pieces – half cup (say half or one onion medium sized)
  • Coriander leaves chopped – about a handful
  • Red chilli powder  – 1tsp
  • Garam masala powder – 1tsp
  • Coriander powder – 1 tsp
  • Cumin seed powder- ½ tsp
  • Salt to taste – about ½ tsp

The dough for paneer paratha

  • Wheat flour – 2 cups
  • Salt – 1/2tsp
  • Water as required to knead the dough – about 1 ½ glass
  • Ghee or oil for roasting the paratha


To make the dough

To make the dough , take 2 cups of wheat flour add two pinches of salt to it and add water to  mix everything properly and knead it , don’t add all the water at once just add little at first , adjust the consistency , knead the dough if it’s too sticky you don’t need to add more water to it , keep kneading the dough well for about three to four minutes , make sure there are no lumps and the texture is not very grainy or rough , the dough should be of smooth texture, you can finish the kneading process by just adding little bit oil (about ½ tsp) to the dough to give it a smooth and soft texture and your dough is ready .

But if the dough is too dry and thick you need to add a little water till its smooth , then knead it properly and lastly finish it with kneading it with oil(1/2 tsp ) . the oil just gives the dough a smooth texture . and if the dough is becoming too thin or sticky due to too much water just add in more flour and keep kneading it , and then finish it with oil as mentioned above .

Once it has attained a smooth texture , keep this dough aside covered with a cloth so that the outer layer does not dry up .

To prepare the stuffing

Now to prepare the stuffing take some paneer and crumble it , add cut onions to it , add cut coriander leaves , red chilli powder, garam masala powder, salt , coriander powder and cumin seed powder and mix everything well and keep it aside .

To assemble and roll out the parathas

To roll out parathas , take a small portion of the kneaded dough about a lemon sized  portion . dust it with flour and roll out a medium sized circle on a rolling board with a rolling pin , now take the stuffing around two small sized spoonful’s of stuffing and place it in the middle of the rolled out circle , now lift the edges of the dough and cover and seal the stuffing properly , dust it with plain flour and very gently start rolling it to make it into a round shape .

Now very gently lift this paratha and put it on a tawa or skillet to roast wait for a minute or two and then flip it and roast it on the other side , now add ghee to both the sides and roast till it turns golden red and crispy .

Take it out on a plate and serve it with curd or pickle. I also like to enjoy it for breakfast along with Ginger tea .