Malai burfi recipe

Malai burfi is a dessert made from milk . It is a very popular Indian dessert and mostly eaten on special occasions like festivals or during any happy occasion , its mostly bought from sweet shops and can be found in almost every sweet shop in India , it is a very popular dessert enjoyed by almost everyone . Here i am sharing malai burfi recipe which can be made from readily available ingredients.

This malai burfi recipe is very easy to make and can be made with readily available ingredients at home. And the taste of it just like the ones at you get at the mithai or sweet shops. It is also called as kalakand.

You can make it by following various different methods. Mainly you can make it by thickening the milk, and then adding paneer, and adding sugar or condensed milk to thicken it and form a proper grainy texture. People most of the times use milk powder to thicken the milk quickly and it makes the process easier and quicker . But, if you do not have milk powder readily available. You can make this malai burfi recipe with just milk, paneer and sugar.

If you don’t have even paneer available you can quickly make paneer at home and make this malai burfi recipe with milk , paneer and sugar .

Ingredients for malai burfi recipe

To make malai barfi

Milk –   1 litre

Paneer – almost 200 gms

Sugar- 1 cup

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp about

Cashews – 6 thinly chopped

Pistachios – 6 thily sliced and chopped

To make paneer

Milk – ½ litre

Lemon – 1 big sized


Firstly, if you do not have paneer available, You can easily make it with just milk and lemon .

To make paneer

Take half litre milk in a saucepan or a vessel and bring it to a boil. Stir it in between to include the cream of the milk in the milk which might get stick to the vessel while its boiling .

Squeeze out the juice of one whole big sized lemon in a bowl .

Now add this lemon juice to the boiling milk one teaspoon at the time .

Keep the flame on low and keep stirring the mixture in between .

Add in the entire lemon juice little by little in to the boiling milk and keep stirring it .

The milk starts to curdle and the remaining portion of it starts to become of light green in color .

Once you can completely see the light green color water, and the curdled up milk separately then switch off the flame of the stove.

Carefully stir it , now once it cools for a bit , take a big vessel put a clean muslin cloth in it and then carefully hold the milk vessel with a tongs and pour the milk into the vessel on the muslin cloth .

The curdled milk gets collected into the muslin cloth. While the light green water from the milk gets collected in the vessel below it.

Take water in a glass and pour it over the curdled milk to remove the sour taste of the lemon, now collect the cloth and the curdled up milk and tie it tightly make sure to squeeze and remove the water from it . tie the curdled milk in the muslin cloth and put it onto a plate and put a heavy vessel on it so that the water drains out from it and it hold a solid shape. Keep it undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

The light green color water collected in the vessel is whey and you can throw it if you want or you can add it to your flour for making rotis Easiest everyday Roti recipe (Whole wheat flat bread),  it will make your rotis soft , do not store this liquid for a long time.

After fifteen minutes remove the heavy vessel from top of the tied muslin cloth. Open up the muslin cloth. The curdled mixture of the milk when dries up and holds shape , your paneer is ready ,

You can use paneer in various curries and gravies to make many dishes of your choice like Paneer masala recipe , Paneer paratha recipe, Palak paneer recipe , Paneer Kathi roll recipe , etc . Here we are using it to make malai burfi or kalakand .

To make malai burfi

Heat in a heavy bottomed pan 1 litree of milk and bring it to a boil .

Once the milk boils , scrape the cream gently that sticks to the sides of the vessel and include it in the milk and boil it .

We have to boil the milk and reduce it till it becomes thick.

Keep it for boiling and keep stirring it so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel .

Also scrape out the cream if it sticks to the vessel and include it in the milk .

Using full fat milk for this recipe will be good because it would thicken up quickly also give nice taste and texture to the dish .

Keep stirring the mixture .

Once the milk thickens up and reduces to half or more than half its quantity, add the paneer .

Grate the paneer or mash it roughly into small pieces before adding it to the milk.

Adding paneer gives a grainy texture to the malai barfi. Thus don’t crumble or grate the paneer too much before adding it to the milk . So that it wont become a paste.

Also do not also keep the paneer in very big pieces or chunks , if added that way to the milk would give a very lumpy texture to the dish .

Hence just crumble it in medium sized pieces roughly and smoothly or simply grate it.

After adding the paneer to the milk make sure you keep stirring it we don’t want the paneer to stick to the bottom of the vessel .

So keep stirring it . now add at least two pinches of cardamom powder or 1 tsp of it to the mixture and stir properly.

Keep stirring till the mixture completely solidifies but does not not dry up completely

It should be not be of runny consistency. It should be able to drop it from the spoon but solid grainy texture not runny.

Keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel .

Once the mixture thickens up switch off the flame .

Grease a flat plate with corners with ghee and add in the mixture into the plate.

Flatten it with a spatula to even it out .

Then take a knife and make rough cuts on the mixture in any shape that you want. I usually cut them in squares , you can cut them in rectangles or diamond shape.

Giving the rough cuts at this stage is important so that they cut easily once they are cold and set.

Add the chopped almonds and pistachios on top of the mixture after giving the cuts and let it cool down completely first at room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator for about an hour for it to set .

Once properly set you can cut it into pieces and serve it and enjoy this dessert.

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