Khoya gulab jamun recipe

Khoya Gulab jamun is a very popular Indian dessert dish and is almost eaten all across India . This khoya gulab jamun recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Gulab jamun a sweet dish made out of khoya fried in oil and dipped in sugar syrup . It can be served as is with the syrup and people also like to add vanilla ice- cream on top of it while serving it.

This khoya gulab jamun recipe has less ingredients and easy to make.

Ingredients for Khoya gulab jamun

  • Khoya  – 500gms
  • Maida or refined flour – 2to 3 teaspoons
  • Rawa or semolina – 2 to 3 teaspoons
  • Milk – as required to knead about half cup
  • Sugar – 1 medium sized bowl
  • Water – about half bowl just to immerse the sugar
  • Cardamom powder – half teaspoon
  • Oil – for deep frying


For the sugar syrup

In a medium sized saucepan , add in sugar and water till the sugar is immersed in it let it boil, boil it till all the sugar in it dissolves completely, also squeeze in quarter slice cube of lemon to avoid the mixture becoming too sticky, keep stirring in between, make sure it doesn’t thicken up too much we need a medium thin consistency to put the gulab jamuns into it, add in cardamom powder. Switch off the flame when the sugar dissolves completely.

Making the khoya gulab jamun dough

In a separate plate to make the gulab jamun grate khoya and add two teaspoons of refined flour that is maida and two teaspoons of semolina that is rawa to it and then knead it, keep kneading it to form a nice firm smooth soft dough, kneading takes time keep kneading it for alteast 15 minutes to form a nice smooth dough with no cracks on the surface also if the dough is getting too thick , add in little bit of milk to it to make it soft do not add too much , and keep kneading it till the dough forms a smooth texture .

Now take a portion of the dough smaller than lemon size and roll in with your hands to form a smooth and firm round shaped ball, make sure there are no cracks on it, roll it well to form a nice smooth round shape. Do this with the entire dough make small sized balls of it and keep them aside. Make sure to keep them separately in a plate so that they don’t stick to each other

For frying the khoya gulab jamuns

Now heat oil in a kadhai or wok, let the oil heat up completely on a high flame and then turn the flame to medium low and then drop in one ball to check if it doesn’t crack open in the oil. if it gets fried properly without any hassles, drop in all the balls in batches and fry them till they turn reddish brown in colour, take them out in a plate.

Adding gulab jamuns in sugar syrup

Now drop in all these fried balls in the warm sugar syrup that we previously made. And keep this aside, you can eat it immediately once the gulab jamuns get coated with sugar syrup but it will taste much better once the gulab jamuns absorb the sugar syrup. For that you need to keep them inside the sugar syrup for at least an hour so that they soak the sugar syrup and turn moist. Once they absorb the syrup they are ready to serve.