Quick Gajar ka halwa in pressure cooker

Gajar ka halwa is a dessert made out of carrots and condensed milk or khoya. This quick gajar ka halwa requires very less ingredients almost readily available in your kitchen and you also do not have to worry about grating and cooking the carots for a long time .

Here I am making it with only milk and sugar and it tastes no less than the one made with khoya , also to save time I am using the method of cooking it in pressure cooker and that too without grating . A lot of time goes into grating and then cooking the carrots in an open vessel . Hence to save time I am sharing this simplest recipe .

This pressure cooker method recipe of gajar ka halwa, will not only save your time. But, it also has a very super delicious outcome. This is the easiest version of this recipe which can be made in a hurry and also tastes great.

This is a very popular dessert in India. Mostly had during the winters, and can also be made all throughout the year . It’s mostly eaten on festivals or served as a dessert during weddings. Gajar ka halwa is a very popular and favorite of people of all age groups. There are various methods in which, we can cook gajar ka halwa. Some people make with khoya , some make it with condensed milk. Usually it takes a very long time to grate the carrots and then cook them with properly with condensed milk or grated khoya , Here I am sharing the simplest and easiest way of making gajar ka halwa .

Ingredients for quick gajar ka halwa

  • Carrots                   – ½ kg   
  • Sugar                      – 1 cup       
  • Milk                        – 1 ½ glass
  • Cardamom powder  – 1 tsp
  • Ghee                       – 1 tbsp
  • Almonds                  – 4to 5 chopped
  • Cashews                  – 5 to 6 chopped

Method for making quick gajar ka halwa without grating in a pressure cooker

Pressure cooking the carrots for quick gajar ka halwa

Wash carrots properly and peel them , run them through water and cut them into pieces . first cut the top end and the bottom end and discard it . we don’t need that .

Then cut the carrot horizontally in half , and then cut them vertically into two , or four halves as you like. But make sure that they are uniformly and evenly cut.

Cutting carrots in the same size will help them cook faster and uniformly.

In a pressure cooker add 1 tablespoon of ghee. And let it heat up a little bit keep the flame on medium to low.

To the pressure cooker add the cut carrot pieces and cook them for about a minute , let the ghee get properly coated on the carrots , you can increase the flame to medium .

Once the carrots are properly coated with ghee add just about one tablespoon of water to the carrots. If the carrots are too hard .

Adding that 1 tbsp of water will help the carrots cook faster in the pressure cooker .

Now close the lid of the pressure cooker and cook it till 1 whistle.

You can reduce the flame to low and cook it to get one more whistle if you think the carrots are too hard . but usually they get cooked in one whistle.

Then take the pressure cooker off the flame and let it cool down by itself and then open the lid.

Cooking the halwa in pressure cooker without the lid on

Put the pressure cooker back on the stove and keep the flame low to medium and now keep mashing the carrots .

If water is visible inside the cooker keep mashing and cooking the carrots till the water completely dries up.

Make sure that there are no lumps or chunks in it . Keep mashing the carrots by the back of your ladle spoon that you use for stirring.

Also while mashing, make sure to just roughly mash, and don’t completely make a paste of it. If you mash it too much, and make it a paste. It wont have a good texture , and wont taste that great.

Adding milk in the pressure cooker

Once the water dries up. You can add one and a half glass of milk to the carrots and mash them.

Now let the carrots and the milk boil together with no lid on . keep stirring it in between so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the sides or the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Keep stirring and mashing the carrots in between .

We have to let the milk completely dry up in the mixture hence roughly mashing the carrots before and during this step is very important.

Just roughly mash the carrots so that there are no hard chunks in it

This step should take about fifteen to twenty minutes or more depending upon the flame.

Also keep stirring so that the carrots do not get stuck at the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Adding sugar and cardamom powder

Once the milk has completely dried up and the mixture becomes solid, its time to add half a cup of sugar and stir.

Keep stirring the mixture till the sugar gets completely dissolved in it.

Then add two pinches of cardamom powder and chopped cashews and almonds, you can also save some for garnishing the halwa.

Keep stirring the mixture so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the vessel.

Once the sugar get completely dissolved and the carrots become of solid consistency and roughly mashed. Your delicious halwa is ready to be served .

Some people serve it hot , some people completely cool it and chill it in the refrigerator and then serve , and some like to serve it hot and top it with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. It tastes yummy however you prefer to serve it.  


Follow the recipe step by step , do not be in a hurry to cook all the ingredients in the pressure cooker together

Do not cook carrots and milk together under pressure cooker , the milk may spill.

Hence it is important to cook the carrots under pressure for one or two whistles, cool it open it and then add milk and follow the other steps of the recipe.

Mashing the carrots roughly is important so that there are no long pieces or hard chunks of carrots in it .

Also while mashing also remember to not make, it into a fine paste. It should have a proper grainy solid texture.

You can also add khoya or condensed milk at the stage after you have added sugar to the mixture but this is optional, it won’t make much of a difference

If are going to add khoya or condensed milk to this mixture make sure that you cut down on the sugar in the recipe, you have to reduce the amount of sugar to almost its given quantity

This recipe is very easy to follow and made in no time with less or readily available ingredients and the dessert tastes amazing.