Begun bhaja recipe (fried spiced eggplants)

Begun bhaja is fried spiced eggplants. This begun bhaja recipe is very simple and my absolute favourite . It’s basically a side dish, eaten with any dal Masoor dal recipe quick and easy or curry and rice Steamed rice recipe. This begun bhaja recipe super easy to make , its perfect for a lazy cooking day one can just make dal and rice fry these spiced eggplants and it becomes a complete meal . I usually have it with only rice . Rice and begun bhaja combination is my absolute favourite. I can have it almost every day . It tastes yummy and has very less ingredients and absolutely delicious .

This begun bhaja recipe just requires eggplant cut into pieces and which we coat with some powdered spices and then shallow fry them in oil . it is usually fried in mustard oil, as mustard oil gives it a very distinct taste and makes it absolutely delicious . to cook it mustard oil . make sure you add the oil to the pan and let it heat up properly till it becomes pale yellow in color , this step is very important because if you don’t wait till the oil heats up properly the dish wont taste good. So let the mustard oil heat up properly before shallow frying the eggplants .

Also if mustard oil is not available you can still cook it in any other oil of your preference , the taste would change slightly . This is a very easy and quick to make recipe , the ingredients are simple and readily available. It’s a perfect side dish and can be eaten for lunch or dinner


  • Eggplant – 1
  • Wheat flour – 1 tbsp
  • Rice flour – 1 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
  • Turmeric -1 tsp
  • Salt – 1tsp
  • Powdered sugar – 1 tsp
  • Oil – 2 tbsp


To cut the eggplant into round pieces

Take a big eggplant and wash it well pat dry it and cut it into rounds . I usually start cutting from the bottom I cut off the tiny bottom part and then start cutting it into circles about half an inch thick circles .

The circles are of course going to be uneven. try to cut into proper circles as much as you can . also if you find that a part of the eggplant has turned black or is not clean not the inside then cut and discard that portion , its ok if the shape gets disturbed we don’t want to eat an unclean eggplant , so cut and discard the portion that’s not good.

Discard the top leaf and stalk portion , it’s not needed for this recipe .

Adding the powdered spices

Arrange them in a plate. And add in one teaspoon of salt and coat all pieces with it. See that each piece is properly coated with salt at least one pinch of it

Then in another plate add in one tablespoon of wheat flour , add in one tablespoon rice flour , one teaspoon red chilli powder , one teaspoon turmeric powder , and one teaspoon  powdered sugar . Mix all these dry ingredients properly with your hands make sure they are properly mixed and very well combined .

Now take each round piece of the eggplant, and dip it in the dry spice powder. And let the spices coat on both sides of the eggplant and keep it aside in a plate. Make sure the piece is coated properly with the dry spices , you need not add a very thick layer of the spices , just make sure that it’s coated properly on all sides even if it’s a thin layer it should be properly coated to the eggplant piece .

Coating the powdered spices well on the eggplants is a key point here. Because we are not going to add any additional flavor or tempering to the oil while frying. We are going to shallow fry the eggplant in plain oil. So coating the eggplants well with powdered spices is important. Because the spices are going to give this dish a nice flavour

Now do this separately for all the pieces and keep them aside to rest at least ten minutes.

Frying the eggplant pieces

Now take a frying pan and add two tablespoon of oil to it and let it heat up properly. Move the pan so that the oil gets coated properly on the surface of the pan. We need to nicely coat the pan with oil, so that the oil spreads evenly on the pan, and its easier to shallow fry the eggplant pieces.

Once the oil gets heated turn the flame to low and add in the coated eggplant pieces to fry.

Add them one at a time very carefully in the pan. As the oil may splutter a bit, on adding the eggplant pieces

Keep them separate in the pan. Don’t layer them and place them very close to each other , very tightly packed we don’t need that. Leave space in between those pieces when you place them in the pan. You can put less oil and fry them in batches if the pan is too small .

Flipping the eggplant pieces

Now cover the pan with the lid and let the slices cook. After 3 to 4 minutes, open the lid and flip the pieces and let them fry on the other side. Fry them properly for another 3 to 4 minutes check again and flip and then cover and let them cook properly .

Make sure that they are evenly cooked and change their color. Also check with a knife or spatula to see if the eggplant has softened up in between. The outer layering of the eggplant pieces may tend to burn very quickly so keep the flame on medium so that the eggplant gets cooked evenly and also does not burn, also flip them carefully so that they don’t break .

Once they turn brown and the inside becomes soft, they are cooked . Turn off the flame and serve it in a plate .

These super delicious , easy to make eggplant fritters, can be eaten with rice and dal or just rice or even rotis Easiest everyday Roti recipe (Whole wheat flat bread) or puris