About us

Hello welcome to my blog,

I have always loved cooking and its one of my favorite things to do, I love to try and cook new dishes and recreate classic recipes, the purpose of starting this blog was to give my passion and ideas new wings by sharing simplistic ways of making Indian food , the recipes are easy to read and have non complicated instructions to follow .

I wanted to share my knowledge and methods of cooking which I have learned over the years, and I still believe in learning each day and evolving and getting better at the skill. I share my experiences my methods and recipes that I have personally tried . I have written down some of my absolute favorite recipes to cook and eat, I love trying new recipes. I also like to recreate some of them according to my taste palette, these are mine and my mom’s recipes. I am a home cook and appreciation of my dishes from friends, family and acquaintances inspired me to start this blog . This blog contains written recipes in a simplistic way, it has very easy to follow instructions.  

Cooking to me is like an art, I simply love to watch the cooking process while making a dish, watching and observing food getting cooked is therapeutic to me, be it the spluttering of mustard seeds, the crackling of cumin seeds, the fragrance of onions getting fried, the play of ingredients, the combining and blend of ingredients and the outcome of it. I think its absolute magic. I like how different ingredients of different flavor and texture combined together in a proportion create an absolutely wonderful artistic outcome. Creating classic recipes or creating different tasty recipes with the same ingredients, experimenting with flavors to create a combination of different dishes while emphasizing on keeping the ingredients and methods of cooking as simple as possible.

Cooking gives me ultimate happiness , and  I believe  it is something that comes from your heart , I find it therapeutic to express myself through cooking , my cooking style is not very specific in the measurements its more about the taste it’s about following the heart and being a little spontaneous when it comes to ingredients .  It’s about trying and experimenting. It’s something that is soothing to the soul and the kitchen I believe is the soul of every house and hence I decided to name this blog our soulful kitchen.